Different Day, Same Song


Every two weeks or so, I get a call from a marketing company that surveys my opinion about the current playlist at my favorite radio station. How does it work? I listen to a tape featuring all (20) of the currently played songs and give my opinion on each song using the following scale:

  1. Unfamiliar (never heard of it)
  2. Never Liked
  3. Tired of (used to like it but now tired of it)
  4. Neutral (no opinion)
  5. Like
  6. Favorite (turn it up and sing along to it)

My opinions of songs help determine what stays and what gets trashed from the music playlist. Thank God for this, because otherwise I wouldn’t ever listen to the radio. I’m so sick of hearing the same 15 songs played all day, every day for 6 months straight. It gets to the point where I can go somewhere for 30 minutes, get back in my car, and the same song that was playing when I was driving to my destination is back on the same station! As many artists as there are out there waiting for their big break, I’m sure radio program managers can manage to sneak in some new songs more often than they do. There’s 24 hours worth of air time on the radio. Take some musical risks, dammit! Maybe if most radio stations weren’t owned by one company (*cough* Clear Channel *cough*), they would be more open to experimenting with non-formulaic songs and artists.

Dear Mr. Top 40-loving Radio Station Manager and Mr. Same-ol’-Song Music Program Manager:

I don’t want to be able to memorize a “new” song because it’s my 124th time hearing it within 3 hours after the first time I heard it.


A genuine music fan


~ by jdfodio on August 16, 2007.

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